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Cuban Salsa partner dancing by our instructors


We offer classes in Cuban salsa, LA salsa and NY salsa, bachata, kizomba and hip hop.


Cuban salsa is a fun and sociable partner dance. It can be danced either in a couple or in a ’rueda de casino’, a large circle with multiple couples.


Bachata is a partner dance originating in the Dominican Republic. The basics might seem simple, but the music, intricate footwork and smooth turns give the dance flavour.


LA salsa is a fun, flashy and fast paced couple’s dance with lots of spinning and cool tricks. It is danced in a line with dance partners switching places continuously.


New York salsa is a smooth crossbody style. It pre-dates its flashy cousin LA salsa, retaining links to its mambo roots.


Kizomba is a sensual couple dance originated in Angola. Although there are many styles, we will teach you ‘Fusion Kizomba,’ a combination of traditional and modern moves.


Do I need to register?

Yes, message us on Facebook or Instagram to book a class.

When do the classes start?

Classes start on the 26th March 2021. Check the timetable to see all the classes, times and venues.

What level is right for me?

Our beginners classes are aimed at those who have never danced before, but we always suggest that newcomers start with our beginners classes, irrespective of their previous knowledge. Already an experienced salsa dancer? Feel free to jump straight into a more advanced class straight after your first beginners class. If in doubt, just ask any of our friendly instructors to help you find the right level specific to you – we are always happy to help!

News and workshops

Fridays: Bachata - beginners

Fridays: Bachata - beginners

We will start with basic steps and later on in the course we will add styling techniques for both followers and leaders. Throughout the course we will be working on a small solo choreo to include all the basic concepts. Improvers are also welcome to join the classes.

Sundays: LA salsa - open level

Sundays: LA salsa - open level

Join our open level class of LA salsa shines. If you are familiar with the basic step and Suzy Q, you are most welcome to join!

Sundays: Cuban salsa - beginners

Sundays: Cuban salsa - beginners

Come to our Cuban salsa beginner class and learn all the fun basic steps of salsa!



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Danceaholic Deal. Unlimited classes for an entire month.

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GREEN PASS (currently not on sale)

New to salsa, or already a veteran? Enjoy... 10 class voucher

10 classes any style


Payment is made at the entrance to each class. If you would like to volunteer and earn free classes, please ask a teacher or cashier from the class.