Dance – Meet new people – Have fun

Impressions from our Absolute Beginners class.
Welcome to DANCE4Water Essen

We offer 3 levels of cuban salsa every Wednesday in Unperfekthaus.

18:00 – Salsa 0 (free of charge!)
19:00 – Salsa 1
20:00 – Salsa 2 (closed group)

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Come as you want.

Join us anytime!

No fix starting dates.

No registration!

Come and dance. That’s it.

No partner? No problem! Our teaching style enables each and every one of our students to practice, even if we don’t have a perfect balance between leaders and followers. You will often change partners during class. In our opinion this is the only way to properly learn a partner dance, because you have to learn how to cope with loads of different personal dance styles. Oh and like this you also get to know a lot of new people every class!

What is my Salsa level?

We’re offering 3 levels of cuban salsa classes, if you are unsure which one is the best for you, here are some explanations.

(Absolute beginners)

You never danced cuban salsa before or attented only a few classes and need to refresh your basics step? This will be the perfect class for you. You will learn the basic step Guapea as well as Dile que no, two of the most crucial steps for dancing.
This class is repeated every week and you can do it as often as you need!
We recommend coming to Salsa 0 at least twice before joining Salsa 1.


You managed the level 0 and are ready to move forward?
Since you only need to know Guapea and Dile que no for this level, you can join any week!
You will learn the key turns and moves on this level, to show off in the club later 🙂
After 10 weeks the content repeats itself, so you can also come to revise a specific move from the curriculum.

(Closed group)

Now you are managing all the moves from Salsa 1 like a boss, and want to take it further?
Approach us via email or Whatsapp and schedule a feedback session with one of our teachers, to be able to join this level.
Our teachers will give you feedback on the moves from Salsa 1 curriculum, until you are ready to join it!


Our classes are designed in a way that allows you to join us anytime. There is no fixed starting date that you could miss. Never danced before? Perfect! We take you through the very basics and give you the possibility to progress at your own speed. Our classes are open to anyone: We don’t care about your age, nationality, hair color, profession or similar superficialities as long as you’re tolerant and nice to everyone else.


We are all volunteers. The teachers, organisers, helpers, designers and even filmmakers who participate and help out – we’re all doing this without asking for money. All profit is given to WaterAid who fights for equal access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygene in over 40 countries world wide.


Do you like our project? Do you have ideas how to improve it? Would you like to be part of it? Would you like to support us in whatever way (we’re always looking for sponsors and rooms)? Do you have a particular skill that you would like to share 4Water? It could be anything from A like Acting to Z like … euhm *cough* … actually there are so many possibilities so we’ll skip Z and start with A like Archery again! Anyways, just contact us 🙂


Single Class

Perfect for trying our classes.
No commitment!

10 Classes Pass

To be used within 1 year. Valid for all our paid classes. Can only be used by 1 person per class. No refund.

1 lesson


10 lessons


Salsa 0 is free of charge! You only pay if you wish to stay for Level 1.

Our thoughts on dance

This one is easy. It all comes down to one motivation: FUN! Whether fun means to you spending time with nice people, interpreting a song by moving your body to it, pulling off wicked moves, progressing in your dance, impressing others, impressing yourself, … this list is endless. Important is, that you’re having fun while dancing. This is our basic philosophy which we base all our teaching on. We don’t tell you to wear heels for salsa dancing and we don’t tell you not to wear them. We don’t tell you to use one certain version of “dance styling”, we just show you a version that you may adapt, or not. We think there should be no judgement in dance because as long as the dancers are having fun, they’re doing it right – wether they do it in a fancy suit or in sweatpants doesn’t matter.

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